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Musical Images

Guitar Get-Togethers  

Dallas/Ft. Worth-6; (May, 2006)   D/FW-7; (May, 2007)

D/FW-8; (May, 2008)   Texas-VII; (Oct., 2008)

DeTX #1; (Feb., 2009)   D/FW-9; (May, 2009)  TX-VIII; (Oct., 2009)

   DeTX #2; (Feb., 2010)   D/FW-10; (May, 2010)  TX-IX; (Oct., 2010)

D/FW-11; (Apr., 2011)   TX-X; (Oct., 2011)

D/FW-12; (Feb., 2012)  TX-XIII ; (Oct., 2012)  DeTX #3; (Feb., 2013) 

A Tribute To Our Missing Friends

Missed Friends

General Guitar Visits

Visiting Music Friends

Instrument Work

Cruddy Nut Corrosion!

Flat Top Work

Blue Guitar Work

Autoharp Pickup Installation

Small Footprint Instrument Stand

Banjo Work

More Banjo Work

Archtop Guitar Work

The Wonderful Music Lay

Image series taken by Ken and Bettie over many years on many subjects.

Cruising Route Sixty-Six

Scenes of Britain

Windmills of England

Prehistory in Britain

The Nile

Images by Ken of the Shuttleworth Collection of early aircraft in England.

Early Aviation

A mix of 745 Mixed Model Images; planes, boats, and trains.

Mixed Models

(No Captions.)

The modification of the Hobby King Habicht aerobatic (e)glider from the golden era of gliders.

Habicht Modifications

On request, Model Yachting webpage. (No Captions.)

Cleburne, Texas, Cashion Reunion; with Gen Cleburne's Birthday Celebration & Civil War Cannons

Cashion Reunion

with video of civil war cannon firings.

Dedicated to the students of Freer, Texas

Freer, Texas & Students

Pictorical Visit To Midden Manor's Windmill Free House

Collections Around The Pub


Pictorical Visit Of Some of My Militaria

Some Personal Militaria


Art Deco Architecture On South Miami Beach

Art Deco Hotels & Design

A Home-Built Attachment for Digital Camera to Improve Outside Recording.

Light Shield & Optical View Finder For Digital Camera

Images of Sept. 2012 Hurricane Isaac Flood

Images in Chronological Sequence

Images of the big tree removal in the front yard,

Jan. 24/25, 2013.

Front Yard Tree Cutting

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